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TERMS: As a participant in Quality RX Returns’ Program, Pharmacy’s pharmaceuticals will be analyzed and Pharmacy will receive a complete Return Analysis and Inventory. Pharmacy will be invoiced for services rendered in accordance with the letter of agreement. Pharmacy will be invoice payable in 30 days. Our pricing is based on the condition that our customers make a good faith effort to process ALL of their expired drugs with us on a regular basis. We reserve the right to impose a $100.00 minimum process fee or other charges associated with the destruction of predominately waste only merchandise such as a per-pound disposal fee and/or a line item processing fee.
Quality RX Returns will provide research assistance for pharmacies after ninety days of the process date assuming that the Pharmacy has recorded their credits on the Quality RX Returns credit log. Pharmacy’s shipment of expired pharmaceuticals and acceptance of the analysis report constitutes acknowledgment, approval, and acceptance of all terms and conditions governing this transaction.

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